Muffuletta Cafe (now closed)

August 9, 2013

Note: Muffuletta Café closed November 11, 2017

Lately I’ve been spending so much time posting new recipes that I haven’t had a chance to add my review of last Friday’s dinner at Muffuletta Café in St. Paul.  Between their menu, which is focused on local ingredients, and the fact that they have a patio and it was a lovely summer evening, it seemed like a perfect dinner spot.

Our meal started with a small plate of popcorn popped in duck fat and sprinkled with truffle salt (moments like this are why I'm not a complete vegetarian, because it would've been a shame to miss out on truffle salt due to a little animal fat).  We also got a small bread basket with a deliciously fresh mini baguette, crackers, and hummus.  For dinner, I ordered a bowl of carrot sweet potato ginger soup, which was the soup of the day, and an entree-sized house salad.


The soup was amazing: it had a perfectly smooth texture, and the tang of the ginger balanced the sweetness of the carrots and sweet potatoes.  The salad was generously portioned, with enough vinaigrette to be flavorful without being overpowering.


Mike got the tortellini, which was stuffed with meat and tossed with ham, peas, mushrooms, and alfredo sauce (the portion actually was much bigger than it appears in the picture, since the plate was ridiculously large).  The alfredo sauce was a bit of a disappointment: nothing about it seemed to pop.  Although the ingredients were well cooked, the blandness of the sauce dragged the dish down.

Although Mike's dinner didn't live up to expectations, I would like to give Muffuletta another chance.  My second choice for dinner was a risotto with corn and leeks that I would love to try, and the atomosphere on the patio was leisurely and relaxing--exactly what outdoor dining should be.

Muffuletta Cafe
2260 Como Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55108

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