Chocolate Mint Breakfast Shake

November 27, 2018
Chocolate Mint Breakfast Shake

This post is sponsored by Barlean's.  In exchange for writing this post, I received compensation and the products mentioned.  As always, all content and opinions are my own. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm working with Barlean's this month to promote their Seriously Delicious Omega-3s.  Omega-3s are the healthy fats found in fish and flaxseeds, and Barlean's Seriously Delicious Omega-3s are a sweet and creamy way to add them to your diet.  Unlike traditional liquids or soft gels,  Barlean's Seriously Delicious Omega-3s are emulsified so that you get more Omega-3s without an aftertaste.

While Seriously Delicious Omega-3s are delicious enough to be taken straight from the bottle, you can also add them to smoothies or drizzle them on yogurt or prepared oatmeal (note that you can't bake, saute, or fry with them).  There are plenty of tasty flavors, like Pina Colada, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, and Lemon Crème, as well as vegan plant-based options. 

One of my favorite flavors is the Seriously Delicious Essential Woman Chocolate Mint, which is made with flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, and plant phytonutrients.  In this recipe, I've blended it with Greek yogurt and soy milk to make a protein-packed breakfast shake.  Once you've blended the ingredients, sweeten it to taste with your preferred sweetener (I used a tablespoon of honey).      

Serves one


Chocolate Mint Breakfast Shake Ingredients

Add yogurt, milk, cocoa powder, Barlean's Seriously Delicious Essential Woman Chocolate Mint, and ice cubes to blender in order listed.  Blend until smooth.

Add sweetener of choice to taste and blend until incorporated.

Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving.

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