My Mixing Bowl Third Anniversary

July 22, 2015

Three years ago, on July 22, 2012, I launched My Mixing Bowl with a recipe for garlic scape pesto.  It's become a bit of a tradition for me to post an annual recap on my blog's anniversary (here are the first and second anniversary blog posts).  Over the past year, I've written 90 posts--here are some of the highlights:

Maple-Walnut Cranberry Pie
Maple-Walnut Cranberry Pie


Jasmine Deli-Pork Basil Rolls
Pork Basil Rolls from the Jasmine Deli


  • We had an amazing Valentine's Day dinner at W.A. Frost, and I'm saving up for a wedding anniversary dinner at this St. Paul fine-dining icon.
  • The surroundings are humble, but the food at Eat Street's Jasmine Deli (Vietnamese) and Harry Singh's Original Caribbean Restaurant is top notch.
  • We visited Cossetta Alimentari several times over the past year for a cheap trip to Italy, complete with pizza, pasta, fresh bread, gelato, and amazing pastries.
  • I finally posted a review of the Blue Nile, one of my go-to restaurants.  If you've never tried Ethiopian food, this is a great place to start.
View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park
View of Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge Park


Ritter Sport
Ritter Sport Chocolate


This will be my last anniversary post for My Mixing Bowl--in September, I'm transitioning to a new domain name.  All of my existing content will be moved to the new site, and I'll be adding a professional design, social media presence, and a monthly newsletter.  There are big transformations ahead, and I'm excited to share them with you in the coming months.

But some things won't change--my love of CSA produce, my commitment to honing my writing skills, my passion for travel, and my contentment with my home in the Twin Cities.

And there will always be garlic scape pesto.

Garlic Scape Pesto

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Congratulations on the third anniversary of your blog! I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to what's ahead.

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Thank you!