Ritter Sport Review: 2017 Edition

October 10, 2017
Ritter Sport Review 2017 Edition

Despite the fact that the majority of my blog posts feature recipes or travel writing, my most popular post by a wide margin is my review of Ritter Sport flavors available in the U.S.  In the vein of giving the people what they want, here's my latest Ritter Sport review: a rundown of the new-to-me flavors I picked up on my recent trip to Hamburg.  As in previous posts, the bars are rated as GET IT, YOUR CALL, or SKIP IT.

Karamell-Mousse: milk chocolate filled with a whipped caramel mousse and lightly salted almond pieces, divided into 9 pieces instead of the usual 16.  Despite the lightness of the mousse, the filling has a robust caramel flavor.  The almond pieces provide a nice bit of crunch with a hint of salt—I would have appreciated more of them.  GET IT. (This flavor is available in the U.S. as Caramel Mousse)

Schoko-Brownie: milk chocolate filled with brownie pieces, chocolate flakes, and dark cocoa creme; 2017 flavor of the year. This flavor is a chocolate lover's dream come true, with a rich chocolate filling that really is evocative of a double chocolate brownie.  GET IT.

Pink Grapefruit: white chocolate filled with grapefruit yogurt creme, crispy rice bits, and grapefruit crisps; 2017 summer flavor.  Since the white chocolate is so mild, the only flavor note is the bright tanginess of the grapefruit.  I enjoyed the first few squares, but eating a whole bar was just too much grapefruit for me—a pairing with dark chocolate would offer more balance.  YOUR CALL.

Brombeer Joghurt: milk chocolate filled with blackberry yogurt and crispy rice bits.  This one is a 2017 summer flavor (as well as a 2016 summer flavor covered in a previous review).  The tart blackberry yogurt filling contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the milk chocolate, and the crispy rice bits add an appealing layer of texture.  GET IT.

Ritter Sport Review 2017 Edition

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I wasn't compensated by Ritter Sport for this or any of my other Ritter Sport reviews—I just really like their chocolate!