Ritter Sport Review: 2017 Winter Edition Flavors

December 5, 2017
Ritter Sport 2017 Winter Edition Flavors

'Tis the season...for Ritter Sport's holiday-themed chocolate bars.   Since my most popular blog post of all time is my review of Ritter Sport flavors available in the U.S., I wanted to post a review of the 2017 Winter Edition flavors: Spekulatius, White Cinnamon Crisp, and Caramelised Almonds.  As in my previous Ritter Sport reviews, the bars are rated as GET IT, YOUR CALL, or SKIP IT.

Spekulatius: milk chocolate filled with a cocoa-flavored milk creme with winter spices and a spiced butter biscuit.  The cocoa creme layer is minimal, but the light, crisp spekulatius-inspired cookie layer provides plenty of spice and texture.  With a flavor profile similar to gingerbread, this bar tastes like Christmas dipped in chocolate.  GET IT.

White Cinnamon Crisp: white chocolate with cinnamon crisp and crispy rice.  White chocolate is the perfect foil for this bar's nuanced cinnamon flavor, while crispy rice and crunchy cinnamon bits provide a delightful textural contrast.  GET IT.

Caramelised Almonds: milk chocolate with chopped, caramelized sugar-glazed almonds.  Sadly, the caramelization was undetectable, and this simply tasted like milk chocolate with some chopped almonds.  While that makes for a perfectly acceptable chocolate bar, it isn't anything special either.  SKIP IT.

Ritter Sport 2017 Winter Edition Flavors

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I wasn't compensated by Ritter Sport for this or any of my other Ritter Sport reviews—I just really like their chocolate!


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